Sunday, March 26, 2017

week 8

Holly et al
I found this study very interesting, because it states that stress plays a role in our responses to drugs.And that also Episodic Defeat creates stronger effects in females which might be amplified by Estrous. I think that this research provides us with good  data to use in future studies. They also give us info that suggests that after the stress paradigm that there is no Significant difference in percentage of DA in the Nac but after cocaine administration that number goes up. I think that's an interesting finding.

This was another interesting study because I feel like rarely we talk about the environmental effects on the father influencing sperm. I think that it Was really cool/weird that the fathers( who had been given cocaine) offspring had actually had a decrease in the self administration of cocaine, maybe indicating that it's possible to inherit a certain level of resistance to drugs, plus I would have thought that it would go the other way that maybe they would have increased self administration. It would be interesting to see a correlational study that delves into human offspring of a father addicted to cocaine with a non addicted mother and vice versa and if their offspring had become addicted to drugs and measure what is the ratio between mother and father. One of the knocks I had against the paper is that they did not test for other cocaine behaviors. But overall really interesting and I hope that it is expanded upon with follow up studies.

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