Sunday, March 19, 2017

Week 7

Burrows I found this study to be interesting in how it looks at the environmental effects on schizophrenia and how those settings might affect neurology in those subjects. The interaction between NMDA receptors and Glutamatergic receptors is an interesting explanation, and it appears that the study does add to this explanation of schizophrenia. I wonder though if that explanation covers all different aspects of schizophrenia, like we said in class maybe the category will be divided into more specific categories. With that being said though I  think it definitely has some relationship with psychosis behavior. As far as the actual purpose of the experiment to see how EE influences schizophrenia symptoms, it seems that EE does play a role in improving outcomes for their models(mGlu KO), potentially pointing out that environment also plays a role in outcomes of those that have the schizophrenia genes. I do have questions about the EE though so is this environment supposed to foster an environment that keeps them mentally active or is it supposed to keep them happy in a sense?  And again how do they know that the KO mice were an accurate enough representation to say that yes this will explain schizophrenia because it made it seem that they did not consider other areas of the brain enough to get a more broad understanding of the disorder. Overall though I get that it's hard to model schizophrenia as a whole in animal models, and that this study is just trying to maybe demonstrate certain connections.  

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